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Ken’s Testimony

I was born and reared in the Buffalo, NY area by a devoted mother who raised her four boys alone. During my early childhood, I was taken to church by a godly neighbor who had a burden for my brothers and for me. I was 16 when I came to know the Lord as my Saviour in an evening service at my home church where I then grew in the Lord under the ministry of God’s Word. While attending a midweek prayer service, I heard God speak to me through a missionary to the Jews. It was that night that I wrestled with God over giving my life to the winning of Jews to Christ. God finally won the battle. In time, God called me to Bible school in New York where every third person was Jewish. What a mission field! There I received excellent training in Jewish evangelism. The curriculum included missionary work in the afternoons in street meetings, Bible studies and personal witnessing. As a student, I was a missionary in training.

It was while I was in Bible school that God brought my wife, Jean, into my life. We were married after graduation and had three daughters, Mary, Martha and Ruth.

After marriage I became a pastor in Brooklyn for awhile before being called to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to work amongst the Jews in that area. There we saw a fruitful ministry. After many years of service in Calgary, God called us to Montreal, Quebec where we started a new Jewish work and there, too, the Lord used us in the salvation of Jewish souls. While in Montreal, I was approached to take over a weekly radio program directed to the Jewish people, a ministry I carried on for 29 years. I also carried on a radio broadcast for Friends of Israel for 22 years. In addition, I have conducted Bible studies, telephone ministries, Bible prophesy conferences in churches and have done many tours to the Holy Land. I have taught Jewish Evangelism in churches and Bible schools throughout the United States and Canada. My wife, Jean, and I decided to make the move to join Fellowship Bible Mission in Methuen, MA in 1980.

In February, 2011, very suddenly, our first born, Mary, died. Then that same year in September, Jean went to be with the Lord. Jean faithfully served the Lord with me for many years. We were able to celebrate 53 years of marriage together and for that I am very thankful.

Over a year later, the Lord brought JoAnne into my life. She had gone with Jean and myself on two tours, one in 1993 and one in 2001. I also knew her first husband, Dwight, and was involved in prayer and saw her over the years whenever I spoke in the Keene area. Dwight died in November 2010 after a ten year battle with cancer. In June 2012 JoAnne once again went to hear me in church in the Keene area and the Lord spoke to me that day, “She is going to be your wife”. Through emails, phone calls, much prayer and seeing each other often through the summer months, we were engaged in September and got married December 15.

We are now laboring together in the Boston area and every year in Israel, till the Lord comes. 603.239.4940


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